Sizemore violated probation

LOS ANGELES: Actor Tom Sizemore has violated the terms of probation imposed for abusing ex-girlfriend and former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss, a prosecutor said on May 10.

Prosecutors allege that Sizemore “tested dirty” for drugs in early March, according to defence attorney Mark Werksman, who filed a response under seal on May 10. “We’re asking the court and the public to withhold judgment ‘til we have a hearing and have the opportunity to prove that this allegation is bogus,” he said.

Deputy City Attorney Robert Cha said he alleged the probation violation in a motion April 29. He declined to provide specifics, saying only, “I didn’t file this motion for no reason, with nothing to support it.” He is tested for drugs regularly under terms of his probation. Sizemore is currently in Canada shooting a new police television series. The 42-year-old actor has been tapped to play Pete Rose in an upcoming made-for-television movie called ‘Hustle’. — AFP