Skipper’s words

He has been at the helm of our national cricket team, and captain Binod Das stands tall as the man who had led the team to more victories than one can count.

Being a role model

I see many youngsters looking up to me. The respect they give me and my work is tremendous, and I too should be able to deliver the expectation they have in me. I don’t feel pressurised by all the expectations, but obliged for the capability they see in me. Many see my achievement as an inspiration, which I feel might encourage others to follow their dreams.

Scoring for country

When we go abroad to play, it is important that we be on our best behaviour as we represent our country. We are given the responsibility of carrying our country’s image in a foreign land, and I assure you that none of the players from the cricket has gone ‘missing’. As a team, we work hard to bring about a difference in the country through sports. If we play our matches well, that will be a reason enough for all to cheer about.

Greener pastures abroad

The youth today are prone to leave the country for the ‘American dream’. Half of the youth today are outside the country, and many are trying to flee as soon as possible, which is not very encouraging for a developing country like ours. The best talents in each sector are moving to the land of opportunities. I don’t think it is wrong if they leave for studies and use the knowledge in our country later — there would be nothing better than that. I don’t get the concept of working at a small job abroad, instead of working in a good post here.

Political participation

I don’t see anything wrong with youth participating in politics as long as they channel their thoughts and power in something constructive. Each youngster of the nation, no matter what their choice of career is, should be well aware of the political situation of the country. Involvement is important, but one has to be capable in all ways to be the leader and take on responsibility.

Next batch

The stronger the next generation is in their thoughts and action, the stronger will the nation be. It is important that they get good education, facilities, infrastructure and platform to showcase their talent. As in my field, I have seen very good players who are still very raw; if they are trained well, they can be very good. The U-15, U-17 and U-19 teams of Nepal are considered the best in Asia. If they continue doing as good as this when they reach the national team, then Nepal will surely make a mark in the international cricket arena.

Don’t give up

It is very important to have positive attitude about the future of the nation. If the youth gives up, what else can be expected? I don’t think we should give up hope. We are given a chance and this is when we have to bring about a change, and that it is not late yet, more can be done by staying here.

This year’s IYD theme This is the perfect slogan. Be active in anything you are involved in, be seen

and be heard. You can make a difference in your own field. Do something positive for society, the nation and most importantly for yourself.