Small and colourful


They say “Good things come in small packages” and the exhibition of watercolour paintings by Kiran Manandhar going on at Park Gallery in Lazimpat exemplifies this. More than forty creations of Manandhar being showcased are of small sizes but the artist says that one has to put in equal amount of effort no matter what the size of the work is.

He did most of the paintings while travelling, “I can’t stay idle at all and these are the paintings that I had done during the train rides I had while I was in Germany and France.”He further added that while staying in foreign countries one tends to miss his country even more and thus he has poured out his feelings in these paintings.

Most of the paintings of this range have dashes of colours with subtle lines indicating figures of humans and animals. While some pieces have different colours overlapping each other some have different shades of a single colour.

The artist talking about his creations said, “No matter how much I try I cannot do a complete abstract painting because I just feel I have not finished a painting if there are no figures.”

The exhibition is on till May 16.