Some duck tikka at Radisson


We believe in giving our customers a change in taste every six months,” food and beverage manager at Radisson Hotel Dhruba Lama proudly explained before the mouth-watering culinary delights, which are their entry into the hotel’s menu, were laid out. Designed by the hotel’s Executive Chef Pankaj Mehra after a period of clientele research, the new delicacies are comprised in two sets of menu — one can be enjoyed for lunch and dinner, while the second is “24 X 7”.

If you’re in a mood for some good non-vegetarian food, try out on the delicious Tenderloin Steak served with Kadai Gravy Sorbet — the best piece of meat grilled to your choice and Sorbet to help ‘cool your stomach’. The Japanese Tonkatsu, fried pork chop with Tonkatsu sauce, will surely be a welcome entre for the non-veggies.

Veggies need not fret, as there’s tasty Beetroot Ravioli stuffed with Tandoori Paneer in saffron cream sauce to their gastronomic delight.

“This is the most expensive among the new items,” Kitchen Executive Basant P Joshi explained showing the Scottish Salmon, Smoked Bacon and Pepper Quiche. And if you taste it, you know why it is priced so.

If you have had enough of chicken tikkas, then the ‘Duck tikkas’ here will give you a good change. What’s more, there are new refreshing desserts too. There’s the Gulab Jamun with homemade paan and Gulkand Ice-cream that promises to give you a novel taste.

“While the last menu was more Spanish, this one comprises tastes from many countries — Japanese, Chinese, Continental, Indian and many more.

The feedback we have received have been very encouraging,” explained a happy Joshi.