Soul kid’s fun time

He calls himself ‘da Naughty Soul Kid’ and Nirnaya Shreshta aka Nirnaya da NSK has over the last so many years wowed us with his rap numbers. He is also a well-known radio jockey. As he is usually very busy during the week, he prefers to ‘just rest’ during the weekend

I usually hang out with my friends at the Durbar Marg on Fridays. Page 3 is our chill out zone.

From 8 to 9 in the evenings, I am at the Image FM studio presenting Bring the house down. After that I head home and enjoy some quality time with my family.

I prefer home cooked food to the restaurant goodies, therefore, I always have dinner and breakfast at home. But I do have a weakness for pizzas. So whenever my wife Rojina and I go, we usually visit the Road House Café at Bhatbhateni for the pizzas.

I’m generally busy on Saturday mornings with recording. And concerts usually happen on Saturdays, so I am busy with those in the afternoon.

If I am free, I go out with friends or shopping with my wife. I do most of my shopping myself. Whenever we go shopping, she shops, and I just watch.

I also clean my room and wash my car, but if given a choice I like cleaning my room as I consider it easier than washing my car.

On Saturdays, I have another programme that’s aired ‘Saturday melt down’. After that I head home and watch TV. I like watching Ten Sports, Travel and Living, Vh1, Trace, CNN and Image.

And I like playing with my dogs Ginger, Jockey and Jango. They usual follow me around when I am at home.