Sound of faith

Himalayan News Service


After Ani C Dolma, looks like, the next singing sensation is 21-year old Dhilyag Subchu Rinpoche. On January 30 Constance C Jones, director, American Information Centre launched ‘Dharma Dhwani’ at Maitreya Gumba, Swayambhu. The proceeds from the sales of the CDs will be utilised for the restoration of Maitreya Gumba.

What is surprising is that the young singer has had no training in music, whatsoever. The album is thus an outcome of two months of hard work and research by this young Rinpoche. This debut album of his contains eight tracks of prayers and mantras in Sanskrit, Nepali and Tibetan. The heart and soul of the Nepali music industry have lent their talent to the album. The music is by Nhyoo Bajracharya — besides many others — of ‘Moment of Bliss’ fame. Poet writer Durga L Shrestha has given the music the words it needs and backing the young Rinpoche in vocals is singer Bala Bhattarai. The magicians on the flute and sarangi are Raman Maharjan and Shyam Nepali.

Opal International is responsible for the album’s distribution and marketing. who seem to be taking a break from the parties and getting into the spiritual mode managed the event.