Source of knowledge

Books have always been a source of entertainment and information. It depends on how you choose to use them.

Read books

Stop at the bookstore or your local library and pick up a few good books to read. Expand your mind by taking a couple hours out of each day to read a new book.

Exercise your mind

The textbook doesn’t have a monopoly on education. Even fictions are filled with interesting facts about science, history, and human nature that you might not have heard yet, or it could serve as review. Reading will keep you in touch with your comprehension, grammar, and spelling skills.

Join a readers club

Libraries offer fun reading programmes for groups, you can go and check out the timings and register yourself for one of these sessions.

Plan for your future

Be it the holidays or even during school days take advantage of your extra time in the by learning some techniques that might help you in the future. Some suggestions are books about getting organised, studying skills, and even essay writing.

And if you want to you can even check out some websites with interesting articles that might help you.