Spirit of classical traditions

“We are trying to increase the opportunity to quality world music and provide the audience here with quality world classical music which has various traditions,” shared Daniel Linden, Founder of non-profit organisation Gharana Music Foundation that is organising the festival. The Foundation is dedicated to promoting classical music and music education in Nepal

Guitarist Ana María Rosado (Puerto Rico), guitarist Rupert Boyd (Australia), Cellist Laura Metcalf (USA), guitarist Paul Cesarczyk (Poland/USA), guitarist Brendan Evans (USA) along with Nepali artistes Rabin Lal Shrestha on tabala, Salil Subedi on didgeridoo and Sunil Pariyar on flute will grace the festival.

As per Linden, there will be solo music performances as well as ensemble performances at the festival.

Ticket priced Rs 500; Rs 250 for students.