SRK invited by Arnold

NEW DELHI: A day after he returned home from the US, actor Shah Rukh Khan has got an invitation from California Governor and Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He has invited Shah Rukh for dinner to Washington DC on September 20.

Arnold extended the invitation after he came to know of Shah Rukh’s detention drama at the Newark Airport in New Jersey. However, it’s not clear whether Shah Rukh has accepted the invitation. Meanwhile, on a press conference about his detention, he said his experience at the Newark airport’s immigration counter in the US was ‘embarrassing’ and he was not complaining to gain publicity. Khan denied that the detention drama was a publicity stunt for his forthcoming movie My

Name Is Khan. “I don’t think that I need publicity,” he said. “If you want to give a tit-for-tat policy to American actors, then call me to frisk Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox whenever they are visiting India,” he added.