Start your beat!

Q&A with the legend

Dev Rana is one of the legendary drummers of Nepal who has been playing for more than 40 years. He says he was greatly  inspired by  The Beatles.

What make drums interesting?

It brings melody to the music. It does not just go with the rhythm but it grips the sound produced by other instruments.

3 things you should consider while choosing drums and kit

1.     Always go through the drum catalog while buying a drum kit.

2.     Fix your budget before going to buy the set.

3.     Always know what kind of music you want to create so that it will be easier for you to choose the drum kit.

Creating the best beat

•    Talent as well as interest is the first and foremost important thing. However, if you are not born with it, practice always helps!

•     When you are playing the drums, play with feeling, purpose and meaning and enjoy what you are playing. It will bring the best sound and rhythm in your music.

•     Keep your eyes, ears and mind wide open and listen to as much music as you can so that you know what kind of music you are creating.

Stagg TIM122BWR








Obtain excellent quality instruments and groove to your own beats!

Price: Rs 45,000

Where: Tone Music Store, Fourth floor, Civil Mall


This Stagg SH Regular Medium Splash is perfect for light accents and features a quick sustain.

Price: Rs 3,300




Dream Maker D0110

If you want to stand out from the rest, then this is your dream drum kit!

Price: Rs 38,000

Where: Guitar Shop, Jawlakhel




Meinl HCS ride cymbal

Meinl HCS ride cymbals creates a clean, warm sound with a defined ping and nice bell. These cymbals are increasingly found wherever good music is being played.

Price: Rs 15,000

Where: Guitar shop, Jawlakhel






The Meinl HCS crash cymbal

The Meinl HCS crash cymbal has a smooth attack with a medium sustain. The cymbals are made from MS63 alloy for a warm, harmonic and balanced sound.

Price: Rs 12,000

Where: Guitar shop, Jawlakhel






Promark Teddy Campbell signature series drum sticks

Promark Teddy Campbell signature series are made of American hickory with oval shaped wood tips. It delivers durability and volume with their size.

Price: Rs 3,000

Where: Guitar shop, Jawlakhel

Tama Imperial Star

With over 40 years of experience, Tama knows what drummers really want!  The Imperial star has many high-end features that create the finest sound.

Price: Rs 72,000

Where: Tone Music Store, Fourth floor, Civil Mall




Iron cobra tama single pedal

This single pedal is very smooth, adjustable and stable. It gives you unbelievably effortless action!

Price: Rs 24,000

Where:  Tone Music Store, Fourth floor, Civil Mall