Stay fit : Better workout at home

Most of the time, working out means going to the gym. However, you don’t have to join the gym to be able to exercise. Why not stay in the comfort of your own home and lose weight for good. Below are some suggested guidelines for an effective home exercise.

Exercise on mobility of the neck, shoulders, hips, ankles, calves, thighs and hamstrings. Of course, you have to learn these from a professional health instructor first to do it correctly.

Start off gently, and work within your comfort zone. Increase your effort gradually over several weeks. Maintain regular breathing throughout the exercises, try not to hold your breath - your muscles will need that oxygen! Do not undertake any exercise if you are in pain or feeling unwell. If you feel faint, dizzy or unwell while exercising stop immediately.

Try increasing your stamina by being steady in your exercise, which is often neglected. Increasing your stamina will help you complete your every day tasks more easily, and

ensure that you have raised energy level and feel more fit. Use some weights if you need.