STAY FIT: Stay fit and stick with it!

Health and nutrition experts continually advise us that the more we exercise the healthier we will be so:

1. Get active and stay active: This will be the most important step to achieve. It is so easy to find reasons not to exercise. Just remember a little light to moderate activity each day will bring great results.

2. One size does not fit all: Understand your own unique body type and find out what works best for you. Set realistic goals for yourself and stay on track. Each day will bring it’s own reward as you feel fitter and energized.

3. Plan a week ahead: Keep a log of your exercise or activity and put it a prominent place like the fridge or notice board. Chart your progress and thoughts in a notepad and make note of encouraging comments you receive from friends and family.

4. Eat small portions of food and eat often: Do not put your body into starvation and deprivation mode – it will only lead to bingeing. Try to keep an accurate daily food diary. You can eat and still stay trim and fit.

5. Add a few more extra cardiovascular activities to your day: Whenever possible walk instead of using the car or walk around the block at lunchtime.