Stay fit: While eating out

It is possible to eat out and stay healthy by following the principles of a healthy diet, which are the same regardless of cuisine. Avoid foods that are fried. Select dishes that have been baked, steamed, or grilled. Avoid foods prepared with sauces and gravies. Instead, select plain, lightly seasoned meats or fish.

Chinese food:

Select Chinese menu items that are ‘jum’ (poached) or ‘kow’ (roasted), and choose steamed instead of fried rice. Select dishes that have lots of vegetables and ask the chef to use less oil when preparing them to keep fat calories to a minimum. Limit your sodium intake by avoiding extra soy sauce and by asking that dishes be prepared without monosodium glutamate (MSG).

Italian food:

Select Italian menu items prepared with red sauces, piccata (lemon), or crushed tomatoes that are lightly sauted. Avoid adding extra cheese. Opt for thin crust pizza and limit toppings to vegetables. Skip high-fat meats like pepperoni.

Mexican food:

Choose Mexican dishes that use hard corn tortillas and have grilled chicken, seafood, or vegetables, such as fajitas. Limit the sour cream or guacamole, which are high in fat, and pick toppings such as salsa instead of cheese to add flavor.

Japanese food:

Stay away from tempura dishes, which are deep-fried and a source of extra fat. Limit teriyaki dishes as they will add extra sodium to your diet. Ask for sauces to be served on the side.