LOS ANGELES: Hollywood is guilty of “extremely irresponsible” depictions of violence against women, ‘Star Trek’ actor Patrick Stewart said.

“The entertainment industry has been extremely irresponsible in perpetuating and stereotyping the violent attitudes of men to women,” said Stewart, as he helped launch an Amnesty International campaign to combat violence against women. “It’s a lazy and sensationalist approach. I condemn it entirely.”

The British actor, 63, said he had found Tarantino’s ‘Kill Bill’, which stars Uma Thurman as an avenging assassin, “a deeply offensive film.”

Stewart, who said he had witnessed his father hitting his mother as a child, said he now regretted some of his own film appearances. “Violence against women diminishes us all,” he added. “If you fail to raise your hand in protest you are part of the problem.” — AP