Strengthening teacher-student bond

The world is changing at an alarming rate and so are our concepts, thoughts and ways of understanding. Even our relationship with our teachers have undergone change.

In mythologies including the Ramayana and Mahabharata, we find examples of a dutiful teacher committed to enlighten his students’ lives, and a devoted student prepared to bestow his entire life for his esteemed teacher.

Various questions may arise today like is love and affection between teachers and students still deep like in the ancient age? Is that loyalty still there?

I don’t think so. To some extent, students have created a great disparity between them and teachers. We can see many students who respect teachers just for the sake of respecting. Some students loathe a teacher merely because s/he gives them a lot of homework and is very strict. To a few students, a minor punishment becomes a major reason for disliking his/her teacher. Very often teachers are thought of as someone who sells his/her knowledge to earn money. Hence, they don’t obey and respect their teachers.

All these have directly or indirectly contributed towards the degradation of cordial and cherished relationship between teachers and students. We students must stay away from loathing our teachers.

Let’s give true love and respect to our dear teachers as a gift on this Guru Purnima and strengthen the relation between us.