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Tongji University, formerly Tongji German Medical School, was established in 1907 and became a state university in 1927. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions in China. Over the years, it has evolved into a comprehensive university with seven disciplines in engineering, science, medicine, management, arts, law and economics with esteemed strength in architecture, civil engineering and oceanography.

Courses: Tongji University, under the State Ministry of Education in China, offers degree programmes both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The university offers diverse courses in its 50 Bachelors Degrees, 103 Masters, 39 PhD programmes and nine post-doctoral mobile stations. The university has School of Sciences, Architecture and Urban Planning, Civil Engineering, Mechanical School, Environmental Science and Engineering, Electronics and Information Engineering, Medical School, School of Liberal Arts and Law, Foreign Languages and School of Economics and Management.

The university now registers over 41,000 students at all levels and there are over 4,200 academic staff for teaching and/or research. As one of the leading centres for scientific research, the university has eight state key laboratories and engineering research centres. There are also three university hospitals located in different campuses. The university has been one of the most popular universities in China, attracting a large number of students from all parts of the globe. In particular, it has become a common choice of those who are pursuing a career in the field of architecture and civil engineering.

The student life in its different campuses is interesting and bustling with energy. There are interesting clubs of various kinds that the students may wish to join. Accommodation: More than 1,500 students from about 70 countries and regions have graduated from Tongji University. The university provides accommodation facilities and general amenities to the international students. Students should pay their tuition fee no more than 10 days after their arrival and they have to pay off their previous month accommodation fee during the first 5 days of each month. Food and medical care cost is borne by the students themselves.

Established in 1998, International School of Tongji University is responsible for accepting, administering and training international students. The International School of Tongji University has two Foreign Students’ Buildings to provide 307 standard rooms and 34 suites. Currently, the International School has 189 international students from 48 countries. To apply: Applicants should demand an application form for international students wishing to study at Tongji University and a physical examination record for foreigners. The completed application form and physical examination record with the curriculum vitae, the academic record, the related materials and registration fee should be sent to the International School of Tongji University at least two months before admission.

Admission notice and visa application for study in China will be sent to successful applicants. After taking the admission notice and visa application, the applicants may go to the Chinese embassy or consulate in the applicant’s home country to apply for student entry visa. Candidates should register on the day given in the admission notice. Students who will study as an undergraduate should take entrance examinations on such subjects as mathematics, Chinese language, physics or chemistry. Admission will be put into consideration according to the results the examinees have obtained. If the applicants are unable to take the entrance examination or their results of the examination are close to the required mark, they can apply to have one-year study on probation. For further information visit