STUDY TABLE : Artist’s paradise

The Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) is one of the most successful independent art colleges in the UK.

Excellent facilities :

Each of the departments in ECA provides excellent studios, workspa-ces and other facilities appropriate to its particular discipline and these are outlined in the relevant programme descriptions. In addition, the college provides many other facilities for all students. It also encourages students to travel widely and study at other colleges and institutions.

International students :

Edinburgh, with its three universities and many colleges, is home to thousands of students from a vast range of nations and backgrounds. They have access to world-class resources in a city celebrated for its vibrant creative and cultural environment. Tuition for international students on most programmes at ECA is £8,750 per year.

The majority of ECA teaching staff are practising artists, designers, architects and landscape architects in their own right. This allows the instruction to be continually updated with latest techniques and practices.

Accomodation :

There is no ‘on-campus’ housing. The college does lease some housing from the University of Edinburgh, however this is not sufficient to cover full demand. International students and under-19s are prioritised in allocation of housing. Many students find that living in a private flat is preferable. Students generally can find rooms in shared flats within easy commuting distance to ECA for around £250-£300 per month.

Other amenities :

The ECA offers counselling, study support, English language assistance, accommodation, careers information and other general advice. They are conveniently located next to canteen in the Hunter Building. The ECA has many exchange agreements, some of which are available to international students. It also has a disability adviser who can be contacted to discuss one’s specific needs.