Success mantras: Honesty, intelligence, patience, determination...

A man’s moral values will help him be successful. A single trait is never enough to make a man successful. I think my own example will be appropriate. I’m proud to say that I am an honest man, but my short temper puts me in difficult situations. I think moral values are the most important because it teaches us to be honest, sincere, trustworthy and most of all, helps us to have an identity of our own and encourages us to be what we really are. It motivates us in every step of our lives. We all have heard of the great Yuddhisthira, he never abandoned his moral values. Has anyone ever questioned his success? However, living with moral values is not easy. You always have to walk a tough road encountering various obstacles. But sooner or later your success is guaranteed.

— Aashish Regmi

The most important characteristic for success is intelligence. In this modern world, intelligent people are given more priority than foolish ones. Intelligent people can pave their own way towards success using their intelligence. For example, an intelligent man can get a better job than a foolish one because any office requires an intelligent man to do the work. They are accepted everywhere and by everyone.

— Keepa Shrestha

I think that intelligence is the best characteristic a person can have to be successful in life. I believe that an intelligent person has an idea where s/he needs to be humorous, serious or how honest one should be. So, an intelligent person not only has good IQ but also knows how to handle him/herself in different situations. Having knowledge of such things, they can succeed in any field.

— Sunibha Kayastha

In my view, the most important characteristic that a person should have is a sense of responsibility along with punctuality. A person who has a sense of responsibility, fulfils all his/her duties on time, which is the most important thing for a successful life. A person who is not punctual does not fulfil his/her duties on time and does not understand the value of time. A person who has an ability to fulfil his/her responsibility on time will have a successful life.

— Rijana Shrestha,


If I have to choose one quality, then I think the ability to work hard is the most important characteristic to achieve success. It helps us to utilise our knowledge and intelligence in a proper way in any situation or condition. It makes us self-reliant and honest, and it keeps us from getting cheated by others.

— Viveckh Pandey,


The characteristic we need most to be a successful person in life is intelligence because if we have an active mind, one can make proper utilisation of one’s time and effort which will make us successful.

— Nikita Tuladhar

Honesty is important for one’s success. Absence of honesty in an individual may affect him in various ways because honesty includes loyalty, punctuality, discipline, cleanliness, obedience and other factors which will definitely increase any one’s personal standard. From the time one is interviewed for a job till the time s/he leaves, honesty is counted. Hence I feel honesty is most important factor for any individual to be successful in life!

— Dwaipayan Regmi,


Honesty will not always buy you success in this dishonest world. Intelligence can lead you to your heyday but I have seen many intelligent person falling into evil ways. Sense of humour is not what is required to take you to the top. I feel, it is willpower which will definitely bring about success despite the challenges in your way. If you have a strong willpower, then no mountain will be difficult to climb. It brings perseverance and all those virtues needed to reach the top. Once you set your target and you move accordingly, willpower guides you like a teacher not letting you derail from your track which leads to your destination.

— Bibhor, Nepalgunj

I choose ‘honesty’. As we know honest people can survive very easily in any kind of society. Therefore, one should be honest in life to succeed.

— Abhinay Jayaswal

As I am a teenager, I speak not through experience, but what my conscience says: and it is that the most important charachteristic a person needs to possess in life to be successful is patience. One needs to be patient and continue with the same hard work, honesty, intelligence etc to achieve success. Losing patience can ruin all the labour, hard work and honesty a person has shown and devoted towards their work in their life. I personally feel that patience is the key to success, no matter what.

— Saurav Thapa

Our behaviour and our nature explain our lifestyle. It is not necessary and too important that all the persons in world have all characters like sense of humour, honesty and so on. I feel the most important characteristic that a person can have to be successful in life is understanding him/herself completely and honestly. If one can know and understand him/herself then s/he can be able to understand other people and their feelings and this will in turn make the person successful in life.

— Ekta Kabra

In my opinion, a single characteristic trait is not sufficient for a person to become successful in life. We should not forget that a cup of tea tastes perfect only when all the ingredients (milk, water, sugar, tea leave) is put in the right proportions. I would like to William Shakespeare —

His life was gentle And all elements so mixed in himThat nature might stand up and say

This was a man.

— Tara Khatri, Balaju

I choose intelligence. If a person is able to take the right decision at the right time, then that person is considered an intelligent one. He can certainly get whatever he wants in life. An intelligent person does not invest his money on the wrong horse because he always thinks of the profit and loss.

— Kripa Upreti,

New Baneswor

Every characteristics plays a vital role, but I give priority to honesty. If people are honest, others believe them. One has sense of humour, intelligence but is not honest, then no one will believe the person and has problem in all sectors.

— Rajan Subedi

We all know that, ‘Honesty is the best policy’. If we are honest, then everybody will want to deal with us more because they trust us. Honest means telling the truth and telling the truth shows integrity. If you are honest then you will not fear anything. There are great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, follower of truth. He was honest, which made him such a great personality.

— Tulip Mainali

We can’t deny the importance of characteristics like good sense of humour, honesty to be successful in life. But, if the matter is to be most successful, then it is intelligence. It is the power of learning, understanding and reasoning. It is the ability to do the right thing at the right time. A person with a greater intelligence can find ways out of any problem, can handle anything for the betterment of him and his surrounding. And the most important of all is his power to tackle the obstacles in an apposite way. And this all is only possible if a person is intelligent.

— Kripa Sigdel

All of us have a certain degree of humour, intelligence, honesty and perseverance in ourselves. It is an important part of who we are but I think what really makes a winner out of people is their optimism, their ability to dream and their belief in self.

In order to become successful, it is necessary for a person to know what his goals are. It is necessary for him to dream about his success and know that he alone has the power to fulfil his dreams. When a person gets this knowledge then he will automatically start to work hard with perseverance and the ability to differentiate right from the wrong grows in him. Humans obviously are imperfect and they have this habit of making wrong choices at times that poses a lot of obstacles in our otherwise smooth journey. As Nelson Mandela put ‘the greatest glory of living lies not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.’ At this time of the day it is our optimism that comes in handy. Taking each mistake as a learning experience enhances our optimism and power to deal with every difficult situation. And lastly belief in self is the key ingredient to success. Everyone should have faith in himself and realise the enormous amount of potential with which each one of us are blessed with.

— Neha Amatya

The most important trait that a person should have is that of independence. Since honesty, sincerity and morality no longer exist in the books of people today, if a person depends on someone else for anything, he’ll have to keep waiting. For success in life, a person has to survive whatever comes his way and will have to work for himself. The world is selfish and full of competition; nobody is willing to sacrifice his time, money or opportunity. So it would be better if a person was independent and strong.

— Rhea Gurung

My intelligence says that honesty makes us successful in life. Honesty means to be honest to our own self and not just to others. It keeps somebody truthful. An honest person never cheats others. He always makes fair decisions and due to this quality everybody believes on him. He can maintain good impression on others. In fact we do not believe the people but their honesty. The honest one always realises his responsibilities and carries out his work, which develops intelligence in him for a successful life.

— Jeevan Karki, Kalanki

Honesty is the best character for any person to be regarded as a ‘reliable’ person in any society. An honest person is a noble person for our society. S/he could be a model personality if he/she shows honesty on all the occasions.

— CN Kanel ‘Harit’,


Every individual is bestowed with unique characteristics and we portray it as natural like we do our other normal psychophysical activities. Though one needs lots of good characteristics such as honesty, compassion, understanding, intelligence to be successful in life, the most important is ‘confidence’. An individual should bear a strong and an influential characteristic such as self-confidence to achieve the heights of success in life. Confidence is what gives the acknowledgement of one’s capabilities to the others by pushing them to display their skills and knowledge. Confident person easily takes his step towards success in life.

— Kelsang Tsomo

Determination is one of the most important and initial ingredients for success. I think the more determined a person is, the more successful s/he will be in life. The people who succeed in life are not extraordinary human beings. They are as simple and ordinary like us. However, they are highly determined towards their goal. Determination provides us with a strong force, which helps us in achieving our goals and dreams. Many talents fail in this world because they do not have the strong determination required for their success.

— Saqir Mark

Honesty, intelligence and hard working nature are some of the important components that lead a person to the helm of success. People with these qualities definitely find themselves standing out from others. However, there is no guarantee of success even if an individual is has a good sense of humour but lacks other qualities. Honesty is the most revered quality, which at times pays back a person. If a person is intelligent but not honest , there lies the possibility of loosing his/her potentialities before they are explored. For me honesty is the first and the most important characteristic trait, which if fortified with other components like hard work, intelligence and sense of humour would help achieve success.

— Ambika Pandey,


Being successful is not easy. If being successful was so easy, then no one would fail in life. Everything depends on your character. First of all one requires patience and honesty and then it depends on how you use your head. Success has

various names. It differs from person to person.

For me being successful

may means achieving

higher degrees. To achieve success, you must first remember that slow and steady wins the race and the next thing is you must have is patience.

— Neeraj Khanal