Sush prefers comedy to serious!

MUMBAI: Sushmita Sen may have been missing from the big screen for quite some time now, but the actress was certainly not out of action.

The Bollywood hottie will soon be seen in David Dhawan’s Do Knot Disturb and Sush’s pretty excited about coming back to the screen with a comedy. “Working with Govinda and David is always a pleasure. They make sure every actor on the sets has a dose of entertainment on screen and off it too,” said Sushmita about her co-star and fave director. Having dabbled in both comedy and some serious fare, Sushmita’s performances have proven that she can handle both with much ease. “But I prefer and enjoy doing light-hearted comedy more,” adds Sush about her preferred genre. “Some of the serious films

that I had done earlier like Chingari do tend to take an emotional toll on you. Now, I’d go for comedy any day over a serious one,” she smiles. Well, Sush with your record of hit comedies, we’re sure your fans too would want the same.