Take a break

New trend in town — band are

disbanded! Not joking but close sources tell us that your very own ‘Robin ‘n Looza’ has decided to cut loose their musical ties. Robin is now going solo with his newly formed band ‘Robin and the New Revolution’. But the rest of the band members from ‘Robin N Looza’ — Sunit and Sharad guitarists, Prazol, drummer and Rizu the bass guitarist — have no grievances against Robin.

They say, “‘Robin N Looza’ is just taking a break. Robin got this solo project and it is fine with us. Don’t take it the other way round. Robin is still with us.” Robin adds, “I have this new band but the music will be unlike what ‘Robin ‘n Looza’ plays. It will be folk rock. I am still with my earlier band. In fact now I have two bands and will be giving my time to both my bands.”

Who is the Revolution? Rajesh on the drums, Deepesh on lead guitar, Pravin on bass guitar and Robin on rhythm guitar and vocals are the orbit of ‘Robin and the New Revolution’.

Very soon, the Revolutionary band will be coming out with their first album — maybe in July or so they say. After which Robin will be flying to France. When he returns, the “prophet of the young” will be touring with his new band to promote themselves and their first solo release. So, are we ready for change? — Dipti Sherchan