Taking care

To remove surface dust, use the soft bristle brush attachment of your


• If there are dust pieces in corners, use a new, dry paintbrush to remove the dust or you can also use tweezers.

• Humidity is necessary for cane furniture too. If the humidity level is too low, it may dry and become brittle. And too high humidity may cause it to mildew. If there is growth of any kind of mold or mildew, remove it and clean it with a solution of bleach in water and then let it dry.

• It is better to keep it away from harsh weather conditions like too much sun and rain. The fibres are likely to become dry and brittle in the sun and may be damaged due to excess moisture too.

• If there are any spills, wipe it with a light detergent and a clean cloth.

• To ensure they last longer, use padded seat cushions on cane chairs and sofas.