Tale about man who never slept

Once upon a time, there lived a man named Raju. He lived with his family. However, Raju was a very, very unusual man.

The unusual thing about him was that he never slept. He used to stay awake the entire night.

As he could not sleep, he used to watch television — late night movies, serials, anything and everything — the whole night disturbing every one in the house, even the neighbours.

Everyone was angry with Raju. One day it got too much, and all members of his family decided to bar Raju from entering his home and watching TV. Now, poor Raju had nowhere to go. Even his relatives didn’t allow him to stay with them.

He himself was fed up with his habit of not being able to sleep. So he decided to take sleeping pills and go to sleep. Over time, he got into the habit of sleeping at night. One day he was fully cured and returned to his house.

He lived happily ever after with his family.

But do you know where he stayed when he was kicked out of his own home? He went to a nearby hospital saying he had severe stomach ache.