Terrific Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2

Genre: Horror

Director: James Wan

Cast: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Madison Wolfe and Frances O’Connor

Being screened at QFX Cinemas


The sequel to 2013’s The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2 directed again by James Wan, takes you on an eerie journey to a house in Green Street, Enfield, London in 1977 and its poltergeist activities. Based on a real story with a terrific screenplay, goosebumps giving scenes and mind-blowing climax, The Conjuring 2 is a terrifyingly terrific movie.

Single parent Peggy Hodgson (Frances O’Connor) lives with her four children — two daughters and two sons. When her 11-year-old-daughter Janet (Madison Wolfe) and 14-year-old Margaret (Lauren Esposito) play spirit game to know about their deceased father and other things, the whole family starts to experience supernatural forces. And Jane is especially targeted by a poltergeist. To their rescue comes poltergeist hunter couple Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga). But what happens next is something you need to hit cinema halls to know about it.

Unlike any other horror movie, clichéd scenes — like knocks on the door and rocking chair are evident in the beginning of The Conjuring 2. As the story moves forward, you experience the thrill and chill as the film gets scarier. In the beginning of the second-half, it gets a little tedious but it takes up with a dramatic chilling climax and the film soars till the end.

Wan’s direction is spectacular. He has made a gripping film that frightens you out of your wits. There are plenty of haunting scenes that give you goosebumps and the climax will have you scared to death.

And he has made the film real. The sound of whistles, furniture moving, demonic voices, barking noises, levitating body of Janet, make-up — all are genuine. The sound effects are terrific as it elevates the horror factor. With all the visual and sound effects, The Conjuring 2 is better and scarier than the first instalment.

Even though The Conjuring 2 is based on a real incident, screenwriters Chad Hayes, Carey Hayes and Wan have fictionalised the film to give more fright to the audience. And the only defect of the film is the main poltergeist character played by Bonnie Aarons as a demon nun which has not been fully developed, and the film doesn’t reveal much about her.

Every actor in the film has joined hands to scare you. O’Connor, Wilson and Farmiga have done their job perfectly. Even Wolfe has done her job nicely but director Wan has limited her to less facial expressions. But whatever parts have been given to her, she has performed them naturally.