The Divine and beyond

“The highest force in existence is consciousness and you are that.”  

— Sadhguru  


When we talk about the Divine, most of us look up. Looking at the creations  of nature, you are certain there is somebody up there doing all this. But the  divine is in you to make things work in this cosmos, says Sadhguru.

“Every day, in the things we do, is the tool that has a certain dimension of  the cosmos. Looking at the phenomenal aspects of nature, to access each one of  us, to empower ourselves in a certain way, we create these tools,” shared  Sadhguru in an event held on August 23 at Hyatt Regency — ‘An Evening with  Sadhguru — Accessing the Divine’.

This yogi, mystic, visionary and speaker talked about the inner engineering  and the power of humans and how to access oneself. With insightful stories and  parables, it was an awakening and witty evening.

The founder of non-profit organisation Isha Foundation who has set his foot  in diverse areas like architecture, literature, ecology, horticulture, music and  sports, Jaggi Vasudev (Sadhguru) shared one should not underestimate the power  of tools. In our capacity of creating tools, humans are on the top of the  pyramid. That is how “we are who we are. Only because of our ability to use  tools. Otherwise a colony of ants can dominate you. Dogs can dominate you”.

However, the biggest problem that Sadhguru sees in humanity is they can’t  admit that they do not know. For he believes, “‘I do not know’ — is the biggest  possibility in your life. Only when you see that ‘I do not know’, the longing to  know, seeking to know and the possibility of knowing becomes the reality in your  mind.”

And longing to know and the possibility to knowing opens up certain  dimensions for us. Eventually, you will know the truth about how things are. But  right now there is a big psychological drama — fear, anger, stress, anxiety —  going in our lives.

“You are caught in your emotions in your mind and that it is far more  important and bigger than the cosmos. The solar system is a tiny speck in this  cosmos. In that tiny little speck, planet is a micro speck. In that micro speck,  Kathmandu is super micro speck. And in that, you are a big man!” he explained  citing, “Because your psychological realities have all been in the existential  reality.”

When he went to the US many years ago, people were into stress management.  So, he asked, “Why would anyone would want to manage stress?” He doesn’t  understand it but answered his own question, “Because people have started  believing that stress is a part of life.”

Stress is not because of a situation.

It is simply because “you don’t know  how to conduct your body. You don’t know how to conduct your mind and manage  your energies. And everything is out of control.”

So, all is in the mind and thoughts, and it is not reality. Once you fight  that, it doesn’t exist, you fight something that you are making it up. It will  be an endless game. You need to understand where it is coming from.

Another important aspect in life is happiness. When it come to being happy,  you can be happy by with talking friends or jumping around or getting drunk or  doing any other thing, but it is limited. To this Sadhguru says, “You need to  understand that everything (including joy) is cosmos related. But now you are  planning to manage this by controlling the outside situations. You won’t be  happy with how many things you do and nobody can ever fulfil your wishes.”

When you manage what happens within from outside, it is bound to be a  disaster. But we fail to see into our body and utilise it.

“This (body) is the most sophisticated gadget (in reference to the incident  he shared about mobile phones of which people don’t use most of the functions).  If we use it right, this will become a divine possibility and divine means to go  beyond.”