The nation should be proud

KATHMANDU: “It’s natural to feel happy. I am glad that I could contribute and do something for the nation. I had the good fortune of giving music to our national anthem (penned by Byakul Maila). And I don’t think that this is my achievement only, but it is a national treasure and the nation should be proud of it,” said Amber Gurung to the news that Nepal’s anthem had been selected as one of the top 10 from 205 national anthems at the Beijing Olympics.

“Though sports is in its initial stages in our country, it is because our players participated in the Olympics that our national anthem was featured. If they hadn’t participated, then it would never have been heard. That is a reason for us to be happy too,” he added.

Gurung also highlighted the important role the Ministry of Tourism, Aviation and Culture had played in the process of selecting the national anthem. Even one of the pre-requisites that they had put forth was that it should have a Nepali tune to it. “We were all asked to present three tunes and from them they thought this was the best. So the credit goes to them as well for selecting such a tune which has been appreciated by many,” he said.

Elaborating on the creation of the national anthem, Gurung said, “I was very conscious as there were a lot of things which had to be considered like the theme, lyrics and situation. I had prepared 12 tunes but I submitted the ones which I felt were the best three. I felt it should be a tune that everyone would be able to understand and sing, so I created a tune jun mero mann ma lageko thiyo. While some of my students had liked the other tunes, more than half of them had preferred this one.”