So it is true after all that people do “fall” in love. Drew Barrymore decided that her rocker boyfriend, Fabrizio Moretti, was the one for her when she tripped and fell in front of him.

Admitting that her clumsy demeanour found her love, Drew said: “When I first met him, I tripped and fell over really bad. I told him, ‘This is a really good thing because I am not coordinated at all, and you might as well know that.’ He just laughed, took my hand, and we walked on. I think that was when I realised Fabrizio likes me the way I am.”

According to rate the, Drew has been dating the Brazilian-born The Strokes drummer for almost two years.

And yet for all this, Drew refused to set a date for their wedding leaving Moretti devastated. The beauty is so obsessed with her own romantic disasters, she can’t commit-and now the relationship is in jeopardy, The National Enquirer quoted sources as saying.

“Drew is in love with Fab but she’s frightened to death of getting married again and having it not work out,” divulged a friend of the actress.

Drew herself recently confessed: “I so want a family. I feel like my boyfriend is the right person. But I don’t want to make a mistake.”

Drew hooked up with Fab, 23, in May 2002. He first popped the question to Drew just four months into the relationship and Drew replied, “Yes, yes! Absolutely!”

But she never set a date-and just recently Fab asked her for the third time, hoping she’d have a change of heart. But she said no.

Her past is replete with such half-hearted commitments. Drew got engaged to actor Jamie Walters at the age of 17 and dumped him after five months. Two years later, she wed bar owner Jeremy Thomas — just hours after proposing to him. But after 19 days, they separated and a divorce followed. In 2001, she married gross-out comedian Tom Green. That union lasted a mere five months.

On top of those disasters, Drew’s own fractured family has left profound scars on the actress. Her father was an alcoholic and split with Drew’s mom before Drew was born.

But now, pressure seems to be mounting on Drew because Fab is telling her he’s not sure if he can continue the relationship without a commitment.

Caught in an emotional tug-of-war, Drew said she’d reconsider this summer and she is seeking guidance from her good pal Cameron Diaz, say sources. “If Fab gets fed up and leaves her, Drew will be crushed”, disclosed the friend, according to the report.

Meanwhile, some more news on the star. It seems that Drew grew up avoiding all kinds of sweets after a bad experience while filming a cookie dough commercial as a child. She starred in Pilsbury chocolate chip cookies ad when she was three. What should have been a child’s ‘sweet dream’ became a nightmare for Drew even after she grew up to be a big movie star.

“You have to eat the cookies all day long, and I remember being so sick from eating all these cookies. I remember my mom and I were driving away from this shoot and this woman chased us down like we’d forgotten our child or something screaming, ‘Wait!’ We rolled down the window and she handed us a big roll of cookie dough!” Barrymore was quoted by

“I’ve never liked sweets as an adult and I think that might have something to do with it. Somebody should’ve done that with macaroni and cheese with me, because I love it.”

As to her ‘weighty’ problem, Drew seems to have found a solution to that too. She has humbly credited the purchase of a sturdy exercise bra for her recent weight loss. The 28-year-old actress has shed 20 pounds since embarking on a daily running and jogging regime last autumn.

Drew says happily in TeenHollywood, “It’s made my life so much better. I finally found a great jogging bra too. And, that has a lot to do with it.”

Twice-married Drew also feels that her change of diet also helped her to shed off the extra flab.

“I was a full vegetarian, living on carbs. Now, I eat more protein,” adds the perky actress.

And if you want to know the key to her happiness. She reveals that she loved working with Adam Sandler in their new movie, ‘50 First Dates’, loves her beau and loves dancing in her underwear.

“I’m a happy person by nature and I do the happy dance a lot. You should really never lose enthusiasm when you’re going on a date with someone you’re in love with.”

“I’ve been with my boyfriend for two years, and I still like to get ready by myself and put on music and dance in my underwear before going out. You should never lose that enthusiasm no matter how long you’re in your relationship,” she adds.