Seven contemporary artists of the Kasthamandap Art Studio have put up an exhibition at The Art Shop, Durbar Marg under the title ‘Reflections of Reality’.

The studio was established in 1994, and since then the artists have been producing impressive artworks. Though it is a group exhibition, the collection has highlighted the artists’ individual styles, themes and flair.

The exhibition comprise 28 works that are related to different aspects of life.

Although Bhairaj Maharjan, Erina Tamrakar and Sunila Bajracharya’s paintings have been mainly inspired by women, their moods and emotions and their appealing figures have a uniqueness and have been captured it in their own distinctive ways.

Asha Dangol and Pradip K Bajracharya’s paintings are highly influenced by our culture and festivals, which and are depicted in rich vibrant colours. As you walk from one painting to another, one can sense the immense impact of spirituality on Binod Pradhan’s creations. Fascinating landscapes and scenic beauty is Pramila Bajracharya’s domain and it has been captured very artistically in her work.

The exhibition is on till January 30