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Sushil Shrestha and Shashi Shrestha, two fresh faces in the Nepali film industry feature in the movie ‘Hostel Returns’, releasing today. Get to know them better as TGIF unfolds what the cards reveal for them.


Sushil: The cards reveal that he will have an excellent career in acting but he needs publicity. Besides that, he should focus on business as well which will be a plus point in his life. Trading, export/import, food, manpower are few areas that he will shine in. His current project will be a huge success and will bring him monetary gain.

Shashi: She should focus on her studies for now. She will have a good career run in the aviation industry. She will also build a good career in the modelling world with the help of good PR skills.

Love Life

Sushil: The cards reveal that an unexpected event is going to take place soon. It will bring happiness and joy.

Shashi: The cards disclosed that she and her partner are lucky for each other. For them both love or arranged marriage is good.


Sushil: His past life was okay. He has to work hard in the present to ensure a bright future.

Shashi: Her past life was good. In the present, she should enjoy her life and do things that make her happy.


Sushil: He will never be empty handed but he should save more.

Shashi: She will have to save more than 50 per cent of her income.


Sushil: Regular exercise is a must for him. Back problem will trouble him time and again.

Shashi: She has to improve her diet and take care of her skin.

For prosperity

Sushil: Once a month he should feed the birds and do some charity. He has to focus more on his career. He must keep his personal life to himself.

Shashi: She should keep an artificial dolphin in her room.

What Sushil and Shashi have to say about the card readings?

Sushil: The experience was awesome. Most of the revelations were accurate and I am happy that things will work out well in my life.

Shashi: This was my first tarot card reading and the experience was quite amazing. I will focus on the things that were said in the cards and will try my luck in modelling and music videos as well.

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