They rocked the town

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, March 7:

The ultimate rock show in town ‘Roxing’ happened on Sunday at BICC. Organised by BMI Entertainment, it was sponsored by McDowell’s No 1.

With the ultimate rock bands in town Mukti & Revival and Robin ‘n Looza and a great sound system, the audience needed no more. The Revival group had the rock lovers resurrected with their numbers “Kalanki Ko Jam”, “Chaubandhi Cholo”, “Basanta Udayo”, “Na Hera Malai” and “Kanchi Nani Blues”. Their latest “Bujhai Deu” was a big hit.

Mukti, the foreman of the band and vocalist shared that though he had wanted to sing longer, because of his sore throat he couldn’t. “The crowd is really good today,” he added. The people wanted more but it was time to let Robin ‘n Looza take the stage.

Robin ‘n Looza have an incredible stage presence. As soon as they began playing their music, the people were cheering. They sang “Pahilo Naam”, “Chiso Chiso Hawa Ma”, “Nepal”, “Bhool ma Bhoolyo” and more. The “prophet of the young” can really reach them. Just then the energy reached so high that the drummer broke his drums.

Robin resourcefully picked up the guitar and began strumming “Freedom”, another song about democracy and politics. When the drums were ready to go, “Dumaru Dum”, now an all-time Robin ‘n Looza hit took the youth by storm. The people in the neighbourhood were out on balconies, all loving his show.