Shika and Tanu are very good friends. Once they go on an adventurous tour and reach a very dangerous rope bridge which could break any moment. They believe that if they are together, they will not have any difficulty in crossing that bridge, which is very long. It will take them around half-an-hour to cross. If the bridge collapses, they will fall into the dangerous river below.

They manage to almost cross the bridge, but at the last moment the bridge collapses. Tanu who has already crossed the bridge looks back and sees Shikha about to fall into the river. Tanu catches Shika’s hand, but unfortunately both of them fall. They land on the edge of the river bank. But Shika is unconscious as she is scared of water.

Tanu carries her to safety and later takes her home. But as Tanu’s mother is not in, she takes her to Shikha’s home. Shika’s mother immediately takes her to the hospital where the doctor says too much water has filled her body. Tanu and Shika’s mother are very worried. Shika’s mother scolds Tanu because it was Tanu’s idea to go for the adventure. Then Tanu goes to a temple and prays to god continuously without drinking even a drop of water. Slowly Shika recovers. When Tanu hears the news, she rushes to the hospital. However, Shika’s mother scolds her again and even beats her with a stick.

Seeing all this Shika cannot bear it, so she shouts at her mother.

When people in the hospital hears their story of true friendship, everyone claps.

— Tamanna Dhakal, Class VI, Modern Indian School