Kara Tointon Source: Agencies

Kara Tointon Source: Agencies

LONDON: We're used to seeing buxom EastEnders barmaid Kara Tointon serve up a couple of big rounds in the Queen Vic...

But we didn't know the actress had nipped to Walford market first and bought herself a nice PAIR to shove down her front.

For sexy Kara has admitted she's been stuffing "chicken fillets" in her cleavage for years to boost her natural 32C bust after her character Dawn Swann had a boob job.

"I was impressed with how much cleavage I could muster," she boasted.

But the extra padding has caused some tricky moments filming - and with MEN.

Kara, 25, giggled: "The chicken fillets do like to escape. Once I tripped up and one of them flew out and hit the camera.

"I think men are always a bit disappointed when they meet me and I don't have boobs like Dawn."

Kara, now dating ex-Ender Joe Swash, leaves the soap next month after four years.

She told FHM: "I'm nervous about leaving but excited to do other things. It's time to move on. But I hope I'm not killed off. I like the idea of coming back at some point."

Or should that be a couple of points?