Tranquil indulgence


As you lie face down on the massage table staring blankly into the rose petals floating in a glass bowl full of water, you wonder whether the bliss that spas promise is going to come true for you.

A recorded oriental music plays very softly, very far away and the masseuse puts off all the harsh lights in the room. She offers you a variety of oils to choose from — ayurveda, aromatherapy... And with the faint whinings of the air conditioner somewhere above, your blissful journey begins.

You feel a trickle of oil on your back, and before you can wriggle the masseuse’s warm hands rubs it in. The touch is strong and purposeful, not hurtful. As she kneads your tensed up and tired muscles with trained strokes, you feel your tiredness melting away and your eyes involuntarily close in a sigh of satisfaction.

Your shoulders, arms, legs, feet, hands, chest, abodmen receive the same treatment. The oily goodness seeps into your bones releasing all the pent-up negativity from your body.

Then your time in the sauna — steam and hot air — gets you cleansed of all that has been bogging you down. As you soak in the whirlpool bath, that makes sounds like a swift flowing mountain stream, it soothes your mind leaving you no option but to emerge refreshed.

All this is at your disposal at Hyatt Regency’s Club Oasis, which offers different therapeutic programmes combining the benefits of a spa with massage. You could try the Shirodhara during which medicated oil is poured in an even stream on to the forehead to pacify

and revitalise the mind and body, or massages like deep tissue or relaxation or rejuvenation, or go for the Indian head massage, or give your feet a reflexology massage.

They are also offering special packages like Monsoon Magic of Ayurveda, which includes 45 minutes of Shirodhara and back massage (each) and use of spa (steam, sauna and whirlpool bath), and the Day Spa Package including steam, sauna, whirlpool bath, gym, swimming

and tennis.

If in the middle of the week, you feel you need to distress, why not let ayurveda’s magic work on you? Club Oasis is open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.