Triple star day, Sabin takes it away

Himalayan News Service


If this is stardom, we witnessed it live at ‘Mega Live Concert’. The event was an absolute success! Presented by TAAL on May 22 at Birendra International Convention Centre, the show featured Jems Pradhan, Deepesh Kishor Bhattarai and Sabin Rai. Despite the rain, a huge crowd had shown up. The loyal fans tried getting autographs even with security chasing them. A suggestion: there are better polite ways to let your idol know you admire them.

Jems and Deepesh were performing live after a two-month long sabbatical. Deepesh said, “The crowd should be more understanding.”

Most of the people were there to meet Sabin Rai, the new pop phenomenon who swept the music scene with his husky voice, often been compared to Bryan Adams. This was his first live concert in Kathmandu. Rai has already gathered an enormous fan following. Supporters had come all the way from Dharan just to hear him sing. Navraj Rai, one such fan, stated, “We are here to support Sabin!” When he sang the Bryan Adams hit number “The only thing”, his fans went crazy. Ask Sabin about it and he says, “I have my own identity too.” All said and done, this was one awesome concert indeed!