True friends


We all are aware of the fact that friends are whom we know and like even if we don’t have a blood relation with them. Everyone says that they need a friend to share their feelings, to chat, to laugh with and to seek advice from. But do we exactly know why we need friends?

A philosopher says: “A friend is a person who helps us without any selfishness when we need help the most.” Well, I don’t think that he is wrong nor is he absolutely true. Because friends not only help us when we are in need but also guide us in every path of our life. Friends are committed to us and understand our feelings, too. True friends are the one who loves us unconditionally. This definition of friendship might be too idealistic. These friends are not found easily. But for me, most of my friends during my schooldays have been true friends.

In 2003, I was still in high school. At that time, I realised the fact that I do have true friends. I remember, we eleven friends were all very close and supportive of each other. We used to give and take advice from one another; share our sorrows as well as happiness. We were never jealous of one another. The bond of friendship we had always made me feel that all friends we have in our life are true friends.

But this notion turned out to be wrong after I joined intermediate school. I realised that we don’t get good or, rather, true friends all the time. Now I only have one or two friends who are like my previous friends. I sometimes find myself left out and lonely. I really miss those precious times spent with my high school friends. All of us are so busy nowadays that we hardly get any time to spend together. We rarely have true friends in our lifetime. So we have to try our best not to let them depart. If we don’t have any then we should search for at least one. Because there is a saying, “God in all His wisdom, made a special relation called friendship” and “blessed are those who possess a friend who is sincere and dependable till the end.”