Tunes of equality and unity

KATHMANDU: Putting forward the message of equality and unity, Kutumba performed at an event — Hamro Teen Talley Ghar — at New Road on October 17. It was an initiative of the instrumental band to put forth the message while presenting their music and sharing some good time with audience.

Nepal is a Teen Talley Ghar (house with three stories) — Himal, Pahad and Tarai (Himalayan, Hilly and Tarai regions). “But there are some regional tensions going on here. We are giving out the message that ‘We are all equal and we are all Nepali’ from the side of public and artistes,” percussionist of the band Pavit Maharjan shared of their event.

And the tunes of all three regions came alive on the stage. Kutumba performed tunes from Tarai, Hilly and Himalayan regions. Bhojpuri, Maithili along with folk tunes of mountains and hills resounded at the festival. The band also performed their amazing pieces to the delight of the audience. It included Parivartan, Ustav, Planet Nepal and Voices of Youth among others.

The band was joined by Gypsy guitarist Hari Maharjan for thrilling collaborative performances like Taal Ko Paani, Enough is Enough and Chyante Ghoda.

The event was about getting together and praying for better tomorrow of the country. There were other video messages of unity and equality at the show.

As per Pavit, the event was “fruitful even though there was not a big crowd”. And they are “planning to take this initiative to other parts of the country”.