Unlucky Soul


When you enter the theatre, the sound of a guitar welcomes you as people gradually take their seats for the play Talak Jung vs Tulke performed by Actors Studio. This in one play you shouldn’t miss. From the beginning to the end it captures your attention. Based on Lu Xun’s true story of AH-Q, the Nepali version titled Talak Jung vs Tulke has been adapted to a Nepali village scenario.

Tulke a poor fellow is discriminated by everyone, he is tortured and even his pain is a source of entertainment for others. The different drawings used as backgrounds make the story unfold in a simple yet effective manner. The play revolves around the lives of different villagers and also depicts how rules and boundaries created by society do not apply for the rich and powerful while the poor and women suffer.

The satire on various aspects like politics, religion and most importantly the nature of people is shown by the change in their nature and attitude towards the lead character after he becomes rich. Though the play is hilarious the director has set in the satire and the darkness he wants to portray, the seriousness in the story blends along perfectly with the humour it contains.

Director Anup Baral deserves an applaud for this play. Be it in choosing the story, actors, background, lights or music he has done a really good job. An important aspect of the play is

the rich music that accompanies its various scenes making it more powerful and meaningful.

Aashanta Sharma who plays the main lead (Tulke) has done a commendable job. When others make fun of Tulke, you laugh at him yet his innocence makes you sympathise with him. However, it is difficult to list out any other particular actor, as the director has surely been successful in bringing out the best in each of them. Every actor seems truly befitting for his role and has carried it out really well.

And Gurukul is one place which certainly does not follow the traditional Nepali time culture, so instead of going late and disturbing others reach there before 5.30 pm, the show starts exactly at 5.30 pm. The play will be shown till August 4.