Urban, Kidman home with Sunday Rose

SYDNEY: Nicole Kidman’s hometown of Sydney was hoping on August 7 for a glimpse of “four-weeker” Sunday Rose as friends and relatives gathered at the Hollywood actor’s harbourside home to greet the new baby and Kidman’s husband, Keith Urban.

The family is returning to Australia for the first time since the July 7 birth in the US.

“She looks like Keith. I think she does,” the 41-year-old Oscar-winner told a local radio station in a breakfast-time telephone interview. “She’s got a little bit of hair. It’s a bit of a reddish tint.”

Kidman who is a natural red-head now chooses to be a blond. Fellow Australian Urban, blond by birth, raved over his “little four-weeker” and publicly joined the ranks of doting new dads.

“Anybody out there who’s got kids (knows) it’s just a certain kind of feeling that you can only experience when you do it,” the 40-year-old country crooner said. “I’m not looking forward to having to go on tour and having to leave.”

Kidman, who will complete work on Baz Luhr-mann’s feature film Australia while in Sydney, said she had a “surprisingly” easy birth. Her New Zealand-born husband, mother and sister were at her bedside in Nashville.

“They say a lot of it has to do with how your sister and your mother gave birth, so luckily my sister’s had four children, ... and that was pretty easy for her, too,” Kidman said. “My mum was a nurse, too, and also she’s a midwife.”

The couple pleaded for privacy. “Keith and I are both appealing to the press and stuff just to give us a little space so we can walk around Sydney and show the baby our town,” Kidman said. “She’s tiny, she’s like a doll, she’s like a little, little thing. Just (don’t poke cameras) right in her face or in our faces because it’s scary for her.”

Urban said that he understood the media interest — local paparazzo Peter Carrette said the first good shot of Sunday Rose could sell for $5 million — “but at the same time it’s our little girl.”

“Sometimes when people come right up in your face, and you think: ‘Good God, would you do that to anybody else’s child?’ That’s all.”

No photographs of the babe have been released, and Urban confirmed that the couple had no intention of selling any images.