Valley’s beautiful lass


This 18-year-old has always been interested in modelling, so when a cousin told her about the Lux Supermodel Hunt, she applied “just in case”. Sure enough the 5’6”-tall Alisha Limbu was called and through a lucky twist of fate, she made it to the top 20 list. For her, modelling is all about good looks, a good figure and oodles and oodles of confidence. “You may have the looks, but not every one has confidence. So, it’s this quality that is needed to set one apart,” says Alisha.

Tyra Banks tops her list of ultimate models as Alisha feels Tyra’s got it all — looks and an attitude that differentiates her from other models. “She speaks well, her ramp walk is different.” As the hunt is being conducted by a reputed company like Unilever, she feels that is one of the best platforms that first-timers like her self can get.

For Alisha, the colour blue means forever and loves her hometown Kathmandu, not to forget pizza with mixed topping. She relaxes by listening to music and playing the guitar and her favourite musicians are Eric Clapton, Bon Jovi and GNR. “My mum who has always encouraged me and shown me the right path is my favourite person,” says Alisha, whose dream if she should win the Hunt is to travel as she confesses she’s “never been out of the Valley”.