Vera Drake’s struggle


Vera Drake a movie about a working class woman with a personal secret and the fallout after her secret is exposed is being screened on January 18, the forth day of the British Film Festival.

The movie shows the unspoken conflict between relatives of different financial condition and the behaviour of family behind closed doors.

Director Mike Leigh has successfully portrayed the atmosphere of the postwar London.

There is certainly some celebration of the Drakes as a happy family muddling through the austerity of post-war London. When it comes to abortion, Leigh makes clear the perils of Vera’s charitable pursuit. The focus is on the social division and moral controversies regarding Vera’s charitable pursuit. The film stars Imelda Stauntion, Eddie Marsan, Alex Kelly, Daniel Mays, Anna Keaveney and Richard Graham.

Entry is free.

Venue: Gopi Krishna Movies

Time: 6:30 pm

Passes are available at the British Council and at the venue