Vera Farmiga excited for Madonna movie

LOS ANGELES: Vera Farmiga can't wait for Madonna to direct her in a potential new movie, although admits she hasn't actually ever seen any of the stars previous film work.

Vera Farmiga can't wait to be directed by Madonna.

The 'Up in the Air' actress is set to star in 'W.E' - which tells the story of the relationship between Britain's King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor - which the '4 Minutes' singer is producing, co-writing and directing and was delighted to be approached by the star, despite admitting she hasn't seeing any of Madonna's previous movies, most of which have been box office flops.

Vera said: "She approached me. We sat for a cup of tea and again for a cup of tea. Hopefully, it will all come together. I'm actually not familiar with her work, and I told her this flat-out. She sent a couple of films and I still haven't seen them.

"But no matter. I don't really go by that. I go by other things. I go by scripts. I go with what I think I can do with a character and if I feel a kinetic energy with someone and I feel we can uplift and challenge each other."

Vera, 36, claims she isn't bothered that Madonna's only other directorial role in the 2008 movie 'Filth and Wisdom' was panned by critics, because she understands that everyone has early work which won't necessarily be a success.

She told E! Online: "I certainly have things I wouldn't want people to see."