Vibrant Turkish belly dance

KATHMANDU: Traditional Turkish belly dance performances with acrobatic twists stunned the audience on March 10 at Hotel Yak and Yeti, Durbar Marg. The ‘Turkish Cultural Night’ organised by Key Entertainment Pvt Ltd and supported by Nepal Turkey Chamber of Commerce, also became an occasion of cultural exchange between Nepali and Turkish artistes.

The event began with traditional Nepali dance performances — peacock dance followed by Vairabh and Kali dance.

Then Angel Group, the Turkish all girl group of four, set the stage on fire with their performances. They created a dramatic effect through their black gowns. They began with slow movement of hands and legs, as if all of them were worshipping their god. Then as the music switched to faster beat, they revealed their attire in the hues of orange, red, and black along with lots of glitter, while grooving to the Turkish beats. Fan was a prominent prop used by these dancers. The delicate fan movements, their belly and hip movements reminded one of flowing water while their dress of vibrant orange and red hues along with glitter resembled fire.

After watching the performance, Sarita Shakya Pradhan from the audience shared, “I thought the dance will be sensual as we expect the belly dance to be. But their dance was vibrant, with colourful dresses and more of acrobatic form. I really enjoyed the performance.”

Then Nepali actress Sushma Karki entertained the audience with her traditional Nepali dance performance on Ayaina Herera. It was followed by stand-up act by comedian Jitu Nepal.

Talking about the event, Akhil Chapagain, President of Nepal-Turkey Chamber of Commerce shared, “Through this event, we aim to let the world know that Nepal is safe to visit. Angel Group is a group of world famous Turkish dancers who constantly visit Europe. And we hope they will spread this message to the world.”