Visual poetry


Siraj Saxena’s paintings are abstract, but you can visualise the landscapes in them. Saxena’s exhibition titled Ayonijaa was inaugurated by Indian Ambassador Rakesh Sood on September 7. Saxena uses colours, division of spaces, shapes and shadows to create visuals, which speak about and for itself. The artist, who hails from India, said that every artist has his/her own perspective, and thus each has a different style of work.

He added, “For me, my creations are more of a visual poetry. I focus on elements, colours and texture, and put them together in a composition.” In terms of colours one can see more of yellow, green and blue more in his paintings because “these are the colours of nature”.

He doesn’t use many colours in a painting, just two, which are in contrast to the other. The landscapes in the paintings are so subtle that one gets the liberty to visualise them the way one sees it, though at first look you only see an abstract piece.

The exhibition is on till September 21.