Voice of Nepali diaspora


When nepa~laya thought of reaching out to Darjeeling to bring feted singers and composers to Kathmandu for its paleti series, Kumar Subba was the first one to accept the proposal. However, he could not make it, and the singers who made it to Paleti Shrinkhala series before him were Daisy Baraili and Shanti Thatal.

But then Subba will be performing this weekend along with renowned composer Karma Yonzon. Subba will be singing some of his popular songs and some new ones that are mostly Yonzon’s compositions.

What more can a songster ask for than an audience, though small, is enthusiastic, knows quality music and appreciates it truly. And as Paleti offers just this, it was enough to convince Subba to decide to come and perform in Kathmandu.

“I was looking for an atmosphere where I could sing and the audience would be able to enjoy their favourite songs. Kathamndu has always helped me further my singing career,” admits Subba.

Coming here for Paleti had an extra something as “Paleti has been able to make a name in Darjeeling and has become the talk of the town in the music circle,” discloses Subba, whose talent was fostered in company of gifted composers of the likes Gopal and Karma Yonzon.

He has already sung over 500 songs and has three albums to his credit — Suranjali, Manthan and Golden Hits of Kumar Subba.

(Subba and Yonzon will be performing at nepa~laya’s r-sala on May 26 and 27)