Shilpee theatre group will be touring various parts of the country from December 6 to 22 performing its play Tarai Madhesh together with Janakpur Mithila theatre council and Kalika theatre group. The Shilpee group has been conducting preparation workshops from November 26, which will continue till December 5, when they leave for the tour.

The play was performed at the United World Trade Centre on December 2. The play revolves around the life of people in the villages. The beauty of the culture and tradition of these places have been depicted. Along with it, the bitter truth, the hardships and pain of the villagers have also been captured, mainly the discrimination the villagers face from the different ‘upper’ sections of the community. The villagers then decide to go on a peaceful revolution against it. But, there are some people who conspire against the planned uprising and create various hurdles for the villagers. In such a situation, how do these villagers handle it and what are the consequences they have to face. This is how the story unfolds.

To give it an authentic touch, the play also uses Nepali, Maithili, Awadhi and Bhojpuri languages.