Waning star


Eight contestants have remained to vie for the most coveted title of Samsung Nepali Tara this week. The remaining contenders were able to secure their foothold after the audiences’ vote rather than individual performance they had given the previous week. Bimala Rai, judge of the show, had once commented Srijan Lwagoon as the indomitable contestant of the show. “Audience voting can make a huge difference in the result of this round,” Rai had remarked sceptically before the elimination round began. And it did turn out to be true. Despite seamless performance and alluring personality, Lwagoon walked away silently as he could not get sufficient vote to sing for the next gala round. From the very beginning, Srijan had caste spell over the audience as well as the judges. Srijan is barely 19 and is full of energy and enthusiasm. Lwagoon was somewhat apprehensive about how far he would reach but quite contrarily; the organisers were positive about him and had thought he would be the star sensation of tomorrow. A sudden walkout of the most potential contender stunned everyone. After being selected in top10 list, Srijan had been to the school to express his gratitude. Nevertheless he has proved himself as one of the emerging singing star of the future. He has the ability to make crowd go crazy with his melodious voice and dance to his tunes.