I saw someone coming towards me. He stared at me so hard that I almost fell on the floor. Just then I heard a voice, it was an unusual one. I had heard all languages but the tongue this voice spoke seemed so different. The voice seemed to lower down. Then something black like smoke approached me. It entered my body and was trying to capture my soul. At that very moment my brother entered my room. He seemed to be speaking but I couldn’t hear his voice. I asked him what the problem was. He looked around and started speaking again. When I asked him what he searching for, his face turned blue and he ran out of the room breaking my science experiment bottles, in the process.

I went to the bathroom to take a shower and when I looked in the mirror to comb my hair… I had to search for myself in the mirror! I was invisible! I screamed at top of my lungs and then ran to my mother’s room. There I found myself lying on the floor with everybody crying over my body. I went to my father and sitting beside him I asked him why everyone was crying. But it was as if he couldn’t hear my voice because he didn’t reply.

After a while I heard my grandpa tell my mother, “She was just 13, how could she die?” I was shocked. I was dead! Then it call came back to me. I remembered my brother mixing poison in my curry because we had had a fight over the new had new computer, which my father had bought me.

I went close to my brother and watched him for a while. Seeing his behaviour I felt like killing him because he was pretending as if he has not done anything and was crying along with the rest of my family members. Just then I heard a little girl’s voice. I turned around to see a big silver door and a wooden ladder on which it was written, “Welcome to Heaven.” I one last look at my family and gathered all my sweet memories. Then I ran up the ladder. When I had to enter the last door I was required to say my password and the general stuff that were related to me. Suddenly my eyes went to the next cloud, which was Hell. There I saw a big monster dressed in black. He was frying the dead souls in his large frying pan and eating the fried souls with tomato ketchup. I thanked God for calling me up to heaven.

In Heaven, I met my grandmother who had died five years ago. She was really sweet and kind. I lived with her and can you believe it? Modes of communication and entertainment like the telephone, Internet, television, computer, even singers and live concerts were all there.

In Heaven I met some of my friends who had gone to school with me and some of my Internet friends as well. Internet in Heaven is totally free and money doesn’t exist, whereas in earth even love has a price tag. It was Christmas time and Santa came over to visit us before going to Earth. Life in Heaven was fabulous. Time passed so fast that I didn’t even realise when an entire year passed. By then I had already forgotten the life I lived on Earth.

New Year’s Eve came soon enough and I was invited to my friend’s house. Kumuda and I were going together just then I heard someone calling “Nivida, Nivida”, as I turned around I found myself on my bed.

I realised that all the visions that I had had were just dreams. When it dawned on me that my life in Heaven was just a dream I ran to the mirror… unfortunately I saw myself there and I heard my mom shouting and banging on my door. I went and opened the door and life continued like before. — Nivida Lamichhane, Class VII, Triyog High School