Water supply in Kathmandu

Recently we went for an outdoor study to Nepal Water Supply Corporation situated at Boudha, Jorpati.

There we asked many questions to one of the staffs. He showed us and explained to us about

the functioning of the corporation.

He told to us that the Nepal Water Supply Corporation was established by the Japanese Government. They use groundwater and water from Sundarijal to supply the water required within the Kathmandu valley.

They clean the water with repidsine filter. They also use bleaching powder to kill germs. He told us that 1mg powder is used for 1 litre water.

The places where they put their water are called buffalo walls and flocculation tank. One buffalo wall has a capacity of 14 litres of water. They supply this water only in the Kathmandu valley.

He told us that if this water is supplied to any other place besides the valley, the water will get dirty as it gets mixed with dirty waste in the pipelines.

They also informed us that in dry season the water gets less because of less rainfall.

These were some of the things, which we got to know from him and I am very thankful to Nepal Water Supply Corporation and their staff. I hope it will be useful to all the readers as well.