We love it!

POKHARA: It was one party the Pokharelis will not forget in a hurry. Valentine’s Day party at lakeside Club Paradiso saw the party poopers of this beautiful city come out and party with a vengeance.

One could see people just grooving away to the music — some with their beloveds, and some who were without, also got into the mood of the day and showed some amazing foot skills.

The party which was organised by three youngsters Suren, Hiten and Ram was a huge success and hundreds of young people attended their party. Recalling the past Valentine’s, Ram said, “Pokhareli youth have been celebrating this day for the past five years, and the number is increasing every year.”

Another party was also organised at the same club in the evening by Gopi Bahadur Bhattarai and he was very happy his party was a huge success too. “The crowd was remarkable,” he said.

And the party was enjoyed not only by those who had a partner with them. The singles enjoyed themselves no less. An Australian tourist Stephen, who was in town, was one such lone person who enjoyed this year’s Valentine’s though his loved one was not with him.

Another party at Marryland Park also saw some youthful vigour and serious partying.