Wedding bells for Klein, Holmes, but when

LOS ANGELES: Popping the question was easy. Setting a date for the wedding that’s another story. Chris Klein (‘American Pie’ and ‘American Pie 2’) says it was only natural for him to propose to Katie Holmes (‘Dawson’s Creek’) after dating for five years. “I really believe it’s the natural evolution of a relationship,” Klein told. “As you grow up in your life, your relationships grow and mature. And that’s the next step.” Klein proposed in December. Klein said he and Holmes haven’t yet been able to fit a wedding into their busy schedules.

“What we do is very different from the normal ‘nine to five where you go home’ type of situation. We’re actually apart for long stretches of time.” Klein has been promoting his new movie, ‘The United States of Leland’ and Holmes has been filming the new ‘Batman’ movie. — AP