WASHINGTON: Wedding bells seem to be chiming for Renee Zellweger and rocker boyfriend Jack White. According to a report in IMDB.com, the buzz is that the lovebirds are seriously contemplating walking down the aisle and settling into their own love nest.

Apparently, the star was overheard chatting to the ‘White Stripes’ frontman about weddings. The 34-year-old star, who was with White at a photo shoot in New York, admitted that she is looking forward to her wedding day.

“They were talking openly about marriage. Renee said, ‘Part of me does want to get married as badly as Bridget Jones,’” a source said.

Meanwhile, Zellweger has also hinted that she may be prepared to put on some extra pounds of flesh again and play Bridget Jones in a third movie.

The ‘Jerry Maguire’ star is busy filming the first sequel titled, ‘Edge Of Reason’ but has not ruled out the possibility of starring as the English singleton again, though author Helen Fielding has yet to write a third novel.

Renee says naughtily, “I don’t know actually. A month ago, when I was desperately homesick, I would have said no. It’s a good question though. When I was thinking about ‘Edge Of Reason’, I considered three things: Can it stand on its own as a movie? Is it a story worth telling? Does it need to be made?”

Says ratethemusic.com, Renee has her own ideas about how Fielding could develop the interesting and lovable character of Bridget. She says, “Maybe Bridget could emerge as a character, like Lucille Ball’s Lucy. Whether Lucy was living in a high rise in New York or a ranch, I wanted to see what she was doing, to watch her and maybe there’s some Bridget in there,” adds Renee.